Black Friday Shopping- I’m All In

I’m a Black Friday shopper. I fought the concept for many years. Who wants to get up early, deal with crowded stores and crazy shoppers, in order just to save a few bucks? Me, it’s me, okay?! Actually, the savings part is just a big side bonus. I participate in order to spend time with my sister, and most often, with my son. This 24 hour marathon shopping spree has turned into an annual tradition, albeit an exhausting one, and I secretly love it!

I am a busy person. My sister is a busy person. My son is a busy kid. This one day, ONE DAY, out of the year we put the requirements and responsibilities of life and meeting everyone else’s needs on hold.  We plan, we shop, we eat, we laugh, we snag deals, and it’s a great time had by all (except the Kohl’s checkout line, but alas, that’s a different story.)

Over the last few years the stores have started opening on Thanksgiving day, as opposed to just the wee hours of the morning on Friday. And, in my part of the world (Oklahoma), this has made people absolutely lose their mind. How dare stores interfere with Thanksgiving? And, anyone who takes part in the annual shop-till-you-drop tradition is dubbed as selfish. I am stealing precious time away from families. The horror of it all.

This perspective, however, from the Black Friday Shopping joy-stealers assumes too much. First, it assumes that everyone participates in “Thanksgiving.” They most certainly do not. Second, it presumes that everyone has Thanksgiving family dinners on Thursday. They most certainly do not. Some wait until the weekend and get together. It presumes that everyone has family to spend Thanksgiving dinner with. They most certainly do not. Several people are alone during the holidays (Which then begs the question, whose being selfish?). Critical personnel work holidays. Treating upset stomachs. Breaking up drunken family fights. Putting out fires started by deep-frying turkeys. Truck drivers are hold-over at truck stops on their way to bring us all the latest and greatest of everything. The perspective presumes businesses are “in the business” for some purpose other than profit. I can assure you they are not.

If there is something in life you disagree with, the solution to me is simple: Don’t participate. For example: If you don’t think gay is cool, don’t be gay. If you don’t like shopping on Thanksgiving, don’t shop on Thanksgiving. If you don’t like drinking vodka, eggnog, or like eating turkey, don’t do any of the above. Do you see the pattern here? Not everyone lives the same life you live and that is perfectly okay. Not every “different” should be taken as an opportunity to argue, debate, or criticize.

Find your meaning and enjoy the Season…your way.

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