No Means No

The media is fraught with regular stories lately about how another celebrity came out and named, yet, another abuser. I am glad these individuals are finding their voice and the courage to come forward. But, it has me wondering about our society.

Do you mean to tell me that someone said no, stop, I’m uncomfortable, or any other myriad of words or phrases that indicated that a person should STOP, and yet, that person ignored those words and proceeded with their own agenda anyway? Why would someone do this? Are we really shocked by this? Because if you are, you live in a hole.

How can we teach young people to respect boundaries and the words of another when in almost every other aspect of our lives the word “no” is gleefully ignored?

Sales! Sales! Sales! (Donations! Donations! Donations!)

I get calls from salespeople daily. It doesn’t matter if I’m on the Do Not Call List, they call me anyway. I’ve blocked so many numbers, God, himself, is having trouble making the connection.

I always ask the salesperson not to call me again. Guess what? THEY CALL ME AGAIN. And, the kicker is… the part I love the most is… they get mad AT ME when I become agitated and remind them that I specifically asked them not to call me. No means NO.

I have people come to my home to try to sell products all the time. AT&T is the WORST offender. I even put up a “No soliciting” sign on my front door to ward off these unwanted invaders. What happened? Yep, they ignored it. The only individuals who adhered to the “no soliciting” sign were the neighborhood children with their school fundraisers or the Boy Scouts selling popcorn, and these munchkins I didn’t mind contributing to. But, for the rest of the yahoos, No means NO.

I once asked a woman; “Can you read this sign?” “Oh, I’m not trying to sell you something….” she stated as she launched into her spill trying to (drumroll please) sell  me something. On another occasion,  I opened the door to find a salesman standing on my porch. I explained I had grease on the stove and needed to get back to my cooking. He did what he is trained to do…. he attempted to keep me engaged in the conversation because the longer you’re engaged the greater the opportunity to make the sale. I literally had to raise my voice that my HOUSE IS GOING TO BURN DOWN! Damn it, I said NO! No means NO. Why must I defend my private domain? It is my home. Not a retail outlet.

Wouldn’t it be a novel idea if business was actually built on kindness and mutual respect? Is this concept really so foreign?







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