My Everything Hurts

I enjoy working out. I started cross-training a few years ago. I am proud of the progress I’ve made and impressed by just how much strength I’ve gained. However, I have come to realize nothing spoils your “I’m in shape” human invincibility thoughts quicker than a little manual labor.

I am also a project person (SURPRISE! I know it is not a surprise. Just keep reading). I’m not sure how that developed other than I’m an avid learner. I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Generally, you’ll find me with two-to-three projects going on at the same time.

My husband can do just about anything. He can build things, fix things, you name it. These are great skills to have but it is also has a seedy side. Apparently, when you can do it all you refuse to hire anyone to do it for you. Welcome to the dark side.

We are in the midst of laying new tile in our home. It was a big undertaking that has taught me I need to step up my workouts. Three days into this project and my, oh my, my everything hurts. (And, there is no glass of wine or full body massage to end the day. What kind of shop is he running here?)

I’ve tried to convince my husband the economy needs us. It is our patriotic duty to hire others, to assist in the building of the American Dream, but alas, he’s not buying it. Literally!

Off we go, damn crossfit, you should have prepared me better!

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