This morning on Facebook I wrote about my frustrations with football players taking a knee during the national anthem.  My post read:

First Amendment rights do NOT extend to private employers. Men and women of uniform are getting paid $36-$50k annually to literally take a bullet for you. You get paid millions of dollars and disrespect the work they did on your behalf. Nothing disgusts me more. I didn’t agree with nor like the President of the past 8 years, but at no point did I not feel pride and honor to be an American. These “pro” thugs are going to save me money on my cable bill as we are ditching several sports. I will not support them. I don’t believe for a second it is as much about free speech as it is “look at me, look at me.” RANT OVER (for now).

This Facebook post sparked some spirited responses between a few of my friends. It was clear lines were being drawn. I realize when I write posts not everyone will agree with me. I am keen on the fact that every individual has a plethora of ideas and experiences that are finely woven together to make them exactly the person they are at this very given moment.

Do I care if someone doesn’t agree with me? No, I do not. Is it my job to get into some long heated debate with other people because they don’t agree with me?  No, it is not. Does the conflict bother me? No, not really.

Come here. Closer. C-L-O-S-E-R. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Shhh! This is hush hush though. Ready? Here goes… I have friends from all different backgrounds, with all different party affiliations, with a bazillion different ideas, and some even adhere to different religions. WHAT??? No, it’s true. We, my friends and me, we don’t all think alike. WHAT????

Most of them know I’m a moderate republican with some democratic tendencies. When I start ranting repub stuff I am certain a few of my friends see my posts, roll their eyes (because they know me), and move on. Likewise, when I see their liberal propaganda, I too, will often roll my eyes (because I know them), and move on.  I know I am not going to change their mind and they know they are not going to change my mind. That’s how this works. This friends thing. We can coexist and have different opinions.

I’ve never required any person to see life as I do, to live life as I do, to think like I do, to affiliate to the same political party as I do, in order to be friends with that individual. Frankly, I like the variety and the exposure. I don’t want a clone (Okay, you got me. Yes I do. I kinda want a clone. It sounds really cool. Get your own).

Now, you attack me on a personal level and that is a whole different ballgame altogether. If you attack my character, if you attack my family, well, then, we are probably going to fight. My Facebook account is a group of family and friends, or those I want to get to know better as a friend. Attacking me personally would get you a first class escort right out of my life because that is simply not how friends treat one another. Facebook FRIEND… get it? Good! Expressing opinions are perfectly acceptable. Attacking me or my family on a personal level, absolutely unacceptable.

I do realize, and some might even suggest, I could just not talk about religion or politics on Facebook or any of my other social media sites. That’s easy enough, right? Have you met me? Seriously? That will never happen. The last time I looked at my social media pages they carried my name, Carol Rolke. That means the content thereon is MY content. It is who I am. I’m not going to stop being me. I’m not going to censor myself. I’m not going to not write a post or story just because somewhere someone in this world may not agree with me or because it might be…*GASP*…. controversial.

Thus, until Mark Zuckerberg deletes my page, or until the owners of any of my other sites pulls the plug, I’m just going to keep on being me. Freak flag waving high, proudly. I will espouse my content, my agenda, and my opinions, at any point in time I choose and in any method or manner I see fit (It’s great being an adult). And, it’s cool, seriously, if my friends feel free do exactly the same thing. That’s how this whole friends adulting thing works. And, if you want to agree with me and tell me I’m beautiful and brilliant (Say it, damn it! What? Too push?) I’m perfectly fine with that too. Who doesn’t love the love?


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