Project Update – Closing in on the Finish Line

I recently took on a new art project. The blank canvas consisted of a white 1981 Chevy C10 long bed truck with red interior. I have no clue about car restoration, but having no knowledge about a particular subject that I find interesting rarely, er… never has stopped me from proceeding in the past. I’m not necessarily a “risk taker.” I just don’t adhere to the popular concept of failure as much as I do educational opportunities. How do you know unless you try? And, what is the best teacher? Experience.

Phase I of this project consisted of demo and ensuring my husband didn’t kill me because he thinks I’ve lost my mind. It wasn’t really as much demo as it was more like extensive clean up. After exercising a lot of elbow grease on the truck I sent it off with a friend for a full mechanical review and updates as needed. From a mechanical perspective, the truck was in great condition and really only needed light work to get it road ready. I had the brakes and brake lines replaced as well as all light bulbs, and we put on a new muffler.

Phase II was activated simultaneous with Phase I.  While my friend was working on the truck I went shopping. Hello? That’s the best part. I have several cosmetic items purchased and waiting in boxes in my art room for their final destination. It’s an art project, where else are these parts going to go? I have things like: new arm rests, sun visors, outside mirrors, windshield wiper arms, new door handles, etc. Can.not.wait!

Phase III consists of a new paint job. That is where I am at now… Phase III. I had no idea what a chore it would be to find a company to paint this truck. I assumed you call a paint and body shop, schedule an appointment for an estimate, and then schedule to have it painted if the price was agreeable. No! I discovered most paint and body shops do not actually do what they refer to as “restoration” work. They do not do complete paint jobs. They only do small accident and hail repair. What? Who knew this? Obviously, not me! I suspect their limited work scope has more do with getting paid (i.e. insurance coverage) than anything else.

I had to make a lot of phone calls and send several e-mails before I located a few viable sources for the full paint job (restoration work). I received an agreeable estimate last week to “bring it back to life.” The canvas (truck) is scheduled to go in for it’s new paint tomorrow. This Phase will take two to three weeks to complete. I am beyond excited. What? Color? You want to know the color? Okay. The paint color I chose is…. Just kidding! I’m not going to tell you and ruin the surprise.

Phase II is still happening. Hello? Shopping! I am still in the process of making cosmetic purchases such as new seat belts, custom upholstery for the bench seat, and a few other odds and ends. I have a list (Oh shush! I know you’re not surprised).

Phase IV will take place once Phase III is completed. This Phase will consist of a spray on bed liner, new tires and rims, floor mats, and a special grill for the front of the truck. I can see the vision. The test will be for me to make it a tangible reality. I so got this (if my husband doesn’t kill me first)!

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