The River

No one knows where the river flows, it just goes. – God

This sentence seems nonsensical at first blush. We all have a general idea of how the river flows. We can see it. Walk next to it. We can chart the river’s course, its direction. Or, can we? As the water of the river flows it is chipping away at the rocks and sand, at the landscape that borders it on either side. This erosion is actually changing the direction of flow of the water. Each day, ever so slightly, it is changing its direction. The landscape that touches the river changes the river and the river changes the landscape. Likewise, humankind has the power to change the course of the river by creating barriers, artificial dams. The course of the river can be altered by its own natural flow or by an outside power, something beyond its control. And, so it is with our lives.

I enjoy working out in the mornings before my work day begins. Before the rest of the world (my world) wakes up. I get up early five days a week and generally workout for an hour each of those days. This is my time. I hoard it, protect it, fight for it. It’s usually just me, the music, the weights. It is a time to think, reflect, and oftentimes, my quiet time to talk to God.

Change has been on my mind a lot over the past several months.  How our lives change so much over the course of time. How sometimes we create the change and how sometimes circumstances beyond our control require us to change. Why it is that life never feels completely settled. And, if it does, it is never for any significant amount of time. How to know when to pursue change or just when to stay the course.

In response to my seemingly never-ending inquiry, the following words were spoken into my spirit; “No one knows where the river flows, it just goes.” Change is occurring all the time. Our course is being altered with every passing day, with every interaction. We get so caught up with beginnings and endings, trying desperately to chart out our own course that we forget life is ever-flowing, ever-changing. The current keeps moving. Flowing.

I don’t fear change, necessarily. That certainly doesn’t mean I’m always ready for it to happen, though. I just see no need to waste energy fighting the inevitable. Changes are on my near horizon. Changes I have no control over but which will impact my life substantially. My goal is to seek and find the new opportunities abounding in these circumstances of change.

When life calls out for change don’t be afraid of it, just go. You have touched the river and the river has touched you. Take the lessons of the past and learn from them. Take the memories and cherish them in your heart. But, for now, just let the waters of the river flow, just go.


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