Political Correctness – Challenge #3

I’m starting to think some of my Facebook “friends” have been mislabeled.  Friend…Hmmm… thinking….thinking…  My friend challenged me with the topic “Political Correctness.”  This is equally as divisive as the immigration topic.  Thanks buddy!

If I’m going to do this, I think it is only fair I give it my absolute best shot and irritate as many people as possible.  Are you ready? Check!

The definition of political correctness is BULLSHIT. Being politically correct means you are not being real.  You are masking a truth in order to not hurt someone else’s feelings. That can be a nobel endeavor if it is real, but most employ political correctness as a subterfuge. Sometimes the speaker doesn’t really care about the other person’s feelings at all, he or she just doesn’t want to be perceived badly (Insert eye roll so hard it interferes with the Earth’s gravitational pull). With that said, this is NOT a blank ticket to be a super-sized jerk.

The fact remains, there are over 7 Billion people in the world (7,000,000,000 – That’s a lot of zeros. We’ll come back to this). With over 325 Million within the United States. If you think you are going to appease all 7 Billion (or 325 Million) people you are three shades past crazy. If you think you are going to appease just one person you are one shade past crazy. It is impossible because people are often impossible.

The problem with political correctness boils down to one thing; perception. How am I being perceived? How will my statement be perceived? The goal is to not make any statement that is perceived by another to oppress or disenfranchise any particular person or group. Good luck with that.

The word “perception” is critical to understanding the problem with political correctness. An individual’s perception is as unique as the individual. Perception is built by our experiences, our feelings. Perception is driven by how we process and internalize information.

Thus, if you like math, take 7,000,000,000 and multiply it by, oh I don’t know, one hundred thousand (as a representative of an individual’s unique experiences) and that’s how many different ways a word or action can be perceived.  Like I said, good luck with that!

Political correctness has become an issue in U.S. Politics. When one works to protect the minority then the majority becomes offended (disenfranchised) and vice versa. We saw this, too, play out in our last U.S. election. It’s a no-win situation. I advocate for transparency. Say what you mean and mean what you say. And, if that means you have to be a super-sized jerk, be the best, biggest super-sized jerk you can be.  At least the world knows where you stand. No guessing games needed.

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