Why Ask Why? 

I’m a “why” person. Why is the sky blue? Who on earth came up with the word orange? Why is she obsessed with exercise? Why won’t he chase his dreams? What is he afraid of? Why is that guy across the restaurant trying so hard to impress the man on the opposite side of the table? Why does she shut down when I ask about this? Why can’t that child look you in the eye? Why doesn’t she understand how pretty she is? Why is he talking about money? Why does he think that impresses me? Why does he let people talk to him that way? Why does she stay? Why won’t she speak up? Why can’t they see all sides of the argument? But, seriously, orange? Why? Why? Why?

One of my favorite childhood story book series was Curious George. I loved reading all about the adventures Curious George would take.

For those not familiar with Curious George (What is wrong with you people?! Crawl out from under that rock). Curios George is a monkey who is insatiably curious and whose curisioty continually gets him into trouble. Curious George has a caretaker, of course. People… er… I mean monkeys like this always need someone to keep them grounded and safe.  Curious George’s caretaker was the Man in the Yellow Hat. This man, George’s friend, often rescues George from a tight spot and just in the nick of time.

I’m not sure if my life emulates Curious George or if the Adventures of Curios George lit the fire of curiosity that burns within me. (Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s the chicken, people. Mystery solved.) 

Uncovering the why about people and about myself is central to “who” I am.  This may be part of the reason I enjoy reading blogs or social media posts. People’s words  reveal parts of who they are. But, not everyone wants their “why” uncovered.  Some individuals go to great lengths to hide their core, for whatever reason. I can respect this… just kidding… no I can’t. Obviously, the question then becomes; “Why? Why are you closed off? Why do you shut down? Where did that wall come from? How do I get in?”

Insatiably curious, that’s WHY. 

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