Project Update

Recently, I purchased a 1981 Chevy long bed truck. White with red interior. It was used as a work truck at a local University. My neighbor had purchased the truck at an auction at the University and had it for a few years before deciding to sell it. I snatched it up!

I had a vision.  My new canvas has an engine, wheels and mechanical parts I know very little about. This old thing just needs some love and elbow grease. (Picture my husband rolling his eyes at me).

My first goal was to clean it up and strip it down to its bare bones. I’m not sure why I decided this was the best course of action, except that’s what everyone does on TV when flipping houses. House flip, truck flip, it’s all the same. Easy shmeasy! (Yes, I make up words. All language is made up. A few more uses and I’m certain Webster will relent. I am patient and tenacious. I got my eyes on you Webster).

Of course, demo comes first.  I’m pretty good at demo work.  My husband reinforces this notion often; “Girl, you can tear some shit up!” Yep! I just might’ve missed my calling.

Sunday I asked my husband if he would help me remove the toolbox that came with the truck.  “No. This is your project.” (Insert male giggles). I am pretty sure I told him he was being an ass at least three times this past week in regards to this project. (Insert more male giggles). He is taking more pleasure then he should in allowing me to do the work myself. Although I pretend to be aggravated, it’s actually empowering. And, it’s kind of sweet when he brings me the goggles to protect my eyes as I fire up the cutting wheel to cut through some old rusted bolts. (I know, sexy, right?!).

I started with scrubbing the inside of the truck. It was D-I-R-T-Y. I think there was a full inch of dust inside the vehicle. I still haven’t been able to get under the seat. Working on it.

I pulled out the floor matting. It was so brittle in literally disintegrated in my hands. I removed the side floor pieces. Again, weather worn and brittle. The truck had a bracket installed on the floor for a fire extinguisher. The screws were rusted and unmovable. The cutting wheel saves the day.  (*Whirl* Okay, I need to work on my really cool power tools sounds). If you want to feel tough I highly recommend using this tool against metals.  Sparks were flying. (I think this means I was using it properly. THIS IS NOT ADVICE.  On second thought, you should probably not try this at home).

I finished by removing the old rusted tool box from the bed of the truck, removing the worn out bedliner and sweeping another 2 inches of dust and grime from the bed of the truck.

Next week, we begin working on the mechanical parts.  Brakes first because I’m not sure if the Flintstones method really works or if that was just for cartoon purposes only. It’s good to have friends, especially friends with knowledge and know how!

Ready…. Set…. Yes I can!

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