The Wildcat Experience

We just finished up week 6 of our showcase traveling baseball series. This time we visited Manhattan, Kansas. My son took the hill at the Wildcats stadium.  He pitched under the lights at Kansas State University’s baseball field. He was excited. I was (and am) beaming with pride. It was an awesome experience.

The things I learned this week:

  1. The road trips are getting easier.  The 4-5 hour drives are going by faster. The aliens are slowly taking over. My transition is almost complete.
  2. They have the coolest barns in Kansas. The barns are 2 and 3 stories, some split levels, crazy awesome. I tried to get my husband to pull over several times so I could go barn exploring, but he would not relent. I will return, stealthily, and sneak a peek in one of these glorious structures (you do life your way).
  3. I’m shallow. I was ready to send my son to KSU solely based on the look of their football stadium.  Did I mention my son plays baseball? Seriously, the architecture was incredible and when the stadium was fully lit at night, absolutely beautiful.
  4. I’m a slug. I don’t prepare well on the road. My husband had a birthday this weekend. I didn’t have anything planned. I didn’t know where to start. I failed in wife/life partner 101. Loser.
  5. A sick baseball player throws everyone into a panic. One of the team members appeared to have a tummy virus. We had parent theories ranging from tick bite to heat exhaustion to virus to food poisoning to should we call his Mom?  It’s just a little vomit, people. No need to panic. Better to err on the side of caution.
  6. My husband’s tolerance for risk is still sub-zero. I like to try new things such as local eateries. My husband, however, likes to stick with the chains. If we skip one chain restaurant for a local spot, I’ve done well. I’ll take what I can get.
  7. We serve up revenge with a smile. Our hotel neighbors blared their television ALL.NIGHT.LONG. It was unreasonably loud. We had to get up early, so my husband and I… We bumped into the adjoining wall. Rattled door handles. Dropped things on the floor. Stood by the wall and talked loudly. Contemplated taking our neighbor’s ‘Do not Disturb” sign with us as we left. I.Feel.NO.Guilt.
  8. I like Moscow Mules and London Mules, apparently. New things. Enough said.

3 thoughts on “The Wildcat Experience

  1. I, too, retaliate against rude hotel neighbors. Mess with me at night, and I will return the favor. There are some benefits to working east coast hours in a west coast town. Enjoy your hangover and your early wake-up call bitches! 😂😂😂

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