Weeks 1-3 are in the Books

We’ve now concluded weeks 1 through 3 of traveling team baseball and I want to share with you some of the things I’ve learned during these past three tournaments.

  1. The drives are brutal.  People who say they love going on road trips are aliens. Stay away from these people.  My legs, arms, and back get cramped and tired after one hour in the car. Get me outta here!
  2. Regular routines are non-existent.  I crave routine.  It gives me a false sense of control because I can anticipate what comes next. I loathe interruptions to my schedule. I’ve learned life doesn’t care about my quirks, it will interrupt as it sees fit. Get over it, Princess.
  3. The game crowds are much smaller.  Twelve boys traveling with ten parents means the bleachers are not filled. That’s a good thing. This means there are less obnoxious fools (Oh hush! I’m working on it.) screaming at the umps for plays that never happened. Leave your mommy and daddy goggles at home. Let the coaches coach.
  4. You can have a good night’s sleep at a hotel. Whaaaat?!  It’s called exhaustion, from the physical demands of the schedule, as well as  the summer heat. If you get tired enough you can sleep anywhere, this includes the car and under an Elm tree.  I’m not snoring I’m purring.
  5. Be prepared to learn and condition at any time and any place. This includes parking lots, fields, lobbies and even the hotel pool.
  6. Hard competition will make you or break you. You may be one of the best at your school, but are you the best in the district, the region, the state, the world? When the competition seems formidable you can hang your head and give up or you can dig deep, keep fighting, absorb what you’ve learned, and work to get better. You have to locate the fire within you. Baseball, as well as most things in life, requires mental toughness not just physical ability.  You must be able to handle the hard truths better than you handle the compliments.
  7. The people make the experience. We’ve been lucky. The coaches and parents are like-minded, good-humored, good-hearted people.  Everyone has the same goal in mind for these players. There is no competition among the players or the parents. We are all ONE team. And, when the work is done we have fun.

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