Here we go! Chasing the dream.  My son, Tyler, like most kids has a dream.  He wants to play college baseball.  I, like most good parents, encourage my kids to dream, and to go after their dreams.

This summer my son was invited to play on a baseball showcase team versus his high school baseball team. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, that’s what I thought too until I heard the rest of the story. First, there is the fee (okay, there is a similar fee to play high school ball).  The fee was $750.00. Ouch! Second, it requires travel, and I do mean a lot of travel.  In fact, we will travel every week… OUT OF STATE! Some weeks it is three days and some weeks it is four days. Cha Ching! Gas and hotel fees.  Third, I had to buy my son new wood bats because his new coach won’t let the team swing anything else.  Fourth, I had to sign up for new team announcement apps. Fifth, I  had to learn a lot of new faces and names and do some quick internet stalking to ensure these people are legit. No weirdos allowed (Yes, I’m that kind of mom). That’s a whole lot of new things this compulsive, over-preparer had to accomplish in a very short time.

I spent my holiday weekend shopping for semi-healthy snacks and staples we could eat in the car and on the go.  I bought in bulk as I knew my ability to do it later would be non-existent. I whispered goodbye to my relaxing, carefree summer. I bought extra phone chargers for hotel rooms.  I had to get a new ice cooler for the car.  What if it rains? Rain jacket.  What if I need to sit on the ground while we wait? Blanket. What if there is a pool and downtime? It could happen. Swimsuit. My neck always hurts when I try to sleep in the car on road trips (Anything more than an hour out and I’m fast asleep), new neck pillow, problem solved! Game bag, snack bag, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, cooling towel, and on and on. I pulled suitcases out of the attic.  I bought a new duffel bag for my son (and don’t forget those new wood bats and tape for the handle). I wrote out a travel checklist. Ain’t no way I’m forgetting anything.  I shopped, I worked, I prepared. My art room is now the temporary dumping station for traveling supplies. Each week, we begin our journey in this room and we end in this room.

Let’s not forget, my husband and I work.  Like most folks I have to earn a living. No lottery winnings have hit my bank account lately. My work week is now fast and furious Monday-Wednesday, Thursday if I’m lucky.  Otherwise, I work remotely and get as much done as I can on the road. Whew!  Are you tired yet? I am.

Chasing dreams is a glamours thought, but in reality it takes work. It takes preparation.  It takes commitment. My son was concerned when he heard there were separate hotel fees for him, above and beyond what the parents would need for their own room.  He asked, via text, “Are we still good?”  Unbeknownst to him, my husband and I had already reviewed the costs, the schedule, and the logistics of this opportunity.  We sent Tyler a very short and simple response; “Yes, we’re all in.”





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